Eugene Brown

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Currently Creating In Blockchain, Crypto and Non-Fungible Tokens(NFT)

📜 Manifesto

Keywords: Analytical, Intelligent, Helpful, Conscientous

I am is an respectable, hard-working individual who has a love of knowledge and know-how.

I am someone who will bring creativity to a project. To work at my very best I need to have as much freedom as possible to develop my ideas. I have a strong need for freedom and desire to bring products of original ideas to life. I care about others and am easily touched by human suffering.

We are each unique and special. I believe in Community and cooperation > Competition   Let’s work together and build something big.

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👩🏽‍🚀 Projects


👩🏽‍🚀 Bootcamps

Interapt + GA Immersive: Full Stack SE

🏆 Accomplishments

Web Development

🏆 Hackathons - 2022

  • Moralix x Cronos Hackathon
  • Solana 2022 Hackathon
  • Google x Moralis 2022 Hackathon

The best way out is always through
-Robert Frost

🌮 Technical History


Role: Full Stack SE Engineer - Remote


Tech Stack:
  1. Front-End Stack: HTML/CSS/JS
  2. Languages: Java
  3. Web Application Frameworks: Spring
  4. Front-End Frameworks: Angular
  5. Database: PostGres SQL / pgAdmin
Key Lessons Learned:
  1. Developers are in high demand currently and I need to continue to increase my skills.
  2. I'll update this as progress within this position.

🌮 Work History

Unipro Tech Solutions

Role: Front-End Web Developer


  • Meeting with clients and management to discuss needs
  • Writing Code using HTML/CSS & JS
  • Testing applications and interfaces
  • Working with Senior and Junior Team Members to determine website architecture (Developers)
  • SEO Optimization
  • Content Generation


  1. HTML
  2. CSS
  3. Javascript
  4. Frameworks (Node, React, Bootstrap)

Technical Skills

  1. Programming Languages: HTML, CSS, JavaScript
  2. Content Management Systems: Wordpress
  3. Wordpress Theme: Astra Theme
  4. CDNs: jsDelivr, GStatic
  5. JS Libraries: Slick JS, Underscore JS, Popper JS, Hover Intent, LightBox, Core-js, Webpack, Intersection Observer
  6. Web Hosting: Unified Layer
  7. Web Security: Let'sEncrypt, SSL by default, Google apps, SPF
  8. Web Servers: Apache, nGINX



Role: Web3 Advisor & Front-End Developer

"Contract front-end developer specializing in blockchain technology. Developed websites and applications that demonstrated proficiency in project and ecosystem structures on the blockchain."

Bonus Skills
  1. Strong personal presence on Twitter and other social media channels
  2. Previous working experience in Web3
  3. Experience in community management for NFT and crypto projects
  4. First-hand experience using blockchain, NFT and cryptocurrencies
  1. Cryptocurrency Development
  2. Metaverse Design, Development & Implementation
  3. Evaluate applications for new tools and technologies
  4. Research, design, develop, and test blockchain technologies
  5. Maintain and extend current client- and server-side applications responsible for integration and business logic
  6. Conduct research, comprehend analyst reports, keep abreast of technology trends and identify applicability to clients’ business/ technology ecosystem
  7. Documentation of new solutions as well as maintaining that of existing ones
  8. Documentation of new solutions as well as maintaining that of existing ones
Tech Stack:
  1. Front-End UI: JavaScript, HTML, CSSt
  2. Front-End Frameworks: ReactJS, NextJS
  3. Front-End Styling: Tailwind
  4. Languages: Node


Other History

  • IA - Special Needs (Rhodes Jr High)
  • Computer Repair Specialist (Revive IT)
  • Tech Support (Apple)
  • Customer Service (ShutterFly)
  • Retail (Target)
  • Thanks for visiting!